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I Aspire To Be A…

Good morning fems! Luna here! So today's post will be my process in figuring out that I wanted to be a doctor. Let me just start by throwing a disclaimer: I am in high school so there is a chance that I may not end up being a doctor or I will change my mind.… Continue reading I Aspire To Be A…

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An Open Love Letter to HTC

Good morning fems! This post is a love letter for my first love--HTC. Yes, I'm talking about HTC, the Taiwanese phone company. It was love at first sight. HTC and I first met in my sixth-grade math and history classroom. I was on my school mandated clunky white MacBook Pro. My parents had made a… Continue reading An Open Love Letter to HTC

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Introduction for Fems into STEM

Good morning fems! My name is Luna.  I wanted to create a  blog for teen girls who want to pursue careers in STEM! But first, let me give you a little breakdown of who I am. I’m a Nigerian-American teen who loves debate, track, tennis, piano, and science. (Wouldn’t it be funny that like a… Continue reading Introduction for Fems into STEM