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19 Facts About Me: Get To Know Me Better!

01. Name: Luna 02. Zodiac sign: Aquarius 03. Height: 5ft 10in 04. Orientation: Straight 05. Nationality: Nigerian but I’m American born and raised. 06. Favorite fruit: Mangos, apricots, and raspberries 07. Favorite season: Winter because..CHRISTMAS 08. Fav book: There is no way on earth that I could choose one book because I read so many books, but a favorite would be “The Flame in the… Continue reading 19 Facts About Me: Get To Know Me Better!

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Lessons with Luna: August Edition

Hello my beautiful fems! Sorry for the delay of this post, I was on vacation in Thailand and Bali (posts coming soon) making me unavailable to write content. This month I'm showing you 4 women who won Nobel Prizes in STEM related fields. 48 out of the 881 people who have won Nobel prizes are… Continue reading Lessons with Luna: August Edition

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I Aspire To Be A…

Good morning fems! Luna here! So today's post will be my process in figuring out that I wanted to be a doctor. Let me just start by throwing a disclaimer: I am in high school so there is a chance that I may not end up being a doctor or I will change my mind.… Continue reading I Aspire To Be A…

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Our 1 Monthiversary

Good afternoon fems! 1 month ago today I officially launched my baby girl, Fems Into Stem!! I'm so grateful for the support that I've gotten back from all of you. Your support motivates me to work harder on my blog, and to make it something that can inspire many people. I know as of now… Continue reading Our 1 Monthiversary

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Lessons with Luna: July Edition

Hey fems! Luna here! I was thinking what elements I could add to this blog, and I came up with the idea that once a month I'll post a cool fact about women, women of color, or STEM( as I happen to be all three). Without further ado, for July the factoid of the month… Continue reading Lessons with Luna: July Edition

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An Open Love Letter to HTC

Good morning fems! This post is a love letter for my first love--HTC. Yes, I'm talking about HTC, the Taiwanese phone company. It was love at first sight. HTC and I first met in my sixth-grade math and history classroom. I was on my school mandated clunky white MacBook Pro. My parents had made a… Continue reading An Open Love Letter to HTC

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Introduction for Fems into STEM

Good morning fems! My name is Luna.  I wanted to create a  blog for teen girls who want to pursue careers in STEM! But first, let me give you a little breakdown of who I am. I’m a Nigerian-American teen who loves debate, track, tennis, piano, and science. (Wouldn’t it be funny that like a… Continue reading Introduction for Fems into STEM