Highschool Competitions in STEM

Hello fems! Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been pretty busy, but I'm going to be doing a large revamp this summer so stick around to see the new Fems into STEM. For today's post, I just wanted to give you guys some options for competitions you can enter in STEM. Intel ISEF: ISEF stands …

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19 Facts About Me: Get To Know Me Better!

01. Name: Luna 02. Zodiac sign: Aquarius 03. Height: 5ft 10in 04. Orientation: Straight 05. Nationality: Nigerian but I’m American born and raised. 06. Favorite fruit: Mangos, apricots, and raspberries 07. Favorite season: Winter because..CHRISTMAS 08. Fav book: There is no way on earth that I could choose one book because I read so many books, but a favorite would be “The Flame in the …

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Lessons with Luna: August Edition

Hello my beautiful fems! Sorry for the delay of this post, I was on vacation in Thailand and Bali (posts coming soon) making me unavailable to write content. This month I'm showing you 4 women who won Nobel Prizes in STEM related fields. 48 out of the 881 people who have won Nobel prizes are …

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