An Open Love Letter to HTC

Good morning fems! This post is a love letter for my first love–HTC. Yes, I’m talking about HTC, the Taiwanese phone company. It was love at first sight. HTC and I first met in my sixth-grade math and history classroom. I was on my school mandated clunky white MacBook Pro.

My parents had made a rule that my sister and I could only get our phones in eighth grade, and since my sister was in eighth grade I started researching the top phones of 2014 ( I know, I know this was eons ago). While scrolling down the list, a sleek phone from a company I’d never heard of… HTC. Thus a love affair was born and I read all the reviews, memorized the specs, and tried so hard to get my sister to understand the love I had for HTC. However,  no such luck, as my sister got herself a Samsung Galaxy S5 *shudder*. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 8.49.48 PM

I would not be deterred from my one true love, and I waited with much anticipation for the release of the HTC One M9 by counting down the days and reading up on all the leaks. Well, the fateful day came April 10, 2015 and long story short it was disappointing. The reviews tore apart my beloved HTC, but I still stood by their side. Even when they released the iPhone copycat dubbed the A9, I still showed interest in HTC.

My loyalty was finally payed off when HTC 10 came out. I was in my eighth grade free period when I saw the beauty. And as cheesy as it sounds tears of joy came to my eyes. You might have realized I said eighth grade which means it was time for me to get a phone (or you may not have realized at all). This is the point where I get my dream HTC 10, and I have my happily ever after. Well…that’s what I wish happened. My parents gave me the reasonable budget of $400, and the newly released HTC 10 was $1000, and not willing to break up with my first love I purchased the HTC One M9 in Gold.

However, when it came in the mail I got the classic gold and silver one (I was bamboozled), and needless to say my heart was broken once again. Now one year later, I can say I disagree with the reviews on the basis that though it isn’t the best phone, (for example after using for 10 minutes it gets so hot you can cook an egg on the back of it) it has exceeded my expectations. So, I thank you HTC for being my first love (and you know, if you ever want to send me a phone just email me!) and teaching me how to be grateful.

Sending virtual hugs your way,

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.56.42 PMLuna

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